The Working Man Series
This series of work is the result of being laid off from a job in the printing business, where I’ve labored for thirty years of my life.

The first painting of the series emerged the first day after I was out of work. I was on my hands and knees in my back yard fighting with a brush and a wooden panel. There was no clear winner or loser. I called it Face in the Crowd.

All I’ve ever been in the business world is one face among many. I’m the only me there is, and though my work over that three decades brought me many friends, and paid the rent, it was ultimately an empty cup. Business is an empty stomach. It consumes people’s lives to feed its own life, silently becoming the end in itself. It has no spirit that aligns with my spirit, yet it yields the necessity of providing the daily bread.

The paintings speak to me about what people are doing in them, why they’re there, who they are, where they came from, where they’re going, what they want, what they dream about. Do they feel camaraderie about their work? Is that feeling genuine, or is it self-delusion?

I hope you see something among them that makes you feel the mystery of time moving toward you, then falling behind you, while you stand at the ever present moment trying to understand, wanting to transfer your understanding to others, maybe attempting to convince them of something. If you come to the exhibit looking for answers instead of questions, perhaps you’ll be unfulfilled.

In the rush of the 3rd Millennium, these thoughts seem anachronistic; irrelevant. The conflict of the pressing to need to make it through the day tends to close the door on the question of why, but without a why, there can be no how that matters any more. Depiction of that duality interests me above all else. The immediately manifested material needs grappling with the equally insistent spiritual search, revealed in the urge to fulfill the one even at the cost of the other.

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