Terra Incognita Series
This series of work is the result of my travels through the same wheels we all go through. In with the parallels of ration and reason, runs the ineffable other that we stand between. Some call it the conscious and the unconscious; others call it the Ego and the Self; still others Life and Death or Good and Evil. Certainly we can proclaim it to be the land of opposites, whatever name we apply to those opposing forces sees to matter little.

Owing greatly to its decay, rebirth, overlays of eras, transmutation, dream-like manifestation, there are no English words to describe this topic with precision; therefore it makes a perfect subject for the abstract representation of communication via wordless symbols, rather than the written or spoken language. Indeed, the seer sees only in symbols.

Though the paintings might necessarily employ “signs” with which we are all familiar, there can be no expectation that a circle is a circle, merely the realization and acceptance that one must make do with the tools at hand. Written language ill serves us in the realm of the mysterious transfer from the source to the seeker. The means of transfer are archetypal in nature, but the symbols merely serve as the map. They are not the territory.

The conflicted state of mind born of a nagging sense of isolation, or separation from the source, takes many turns and faces crises that do not yield to intellect, in fact, the urgent message to leave my head behind, and seek terms with the irrational is what calls out.

Modern man found faith in science and bootstraps. Loss of soul is not among the topics rendered into the medical students’ mind. The machine age speaks to the need for more and more machines. Last week I noticed a television commercial offering a pill to relive the illness called “busy mind syndrome.” Perfect.

Depicting the convincing, but illusory nature of duality in the human condition interests me above all else, whether it drives the person toward an intellectual solution from the psychiatrist’s chair, or the journey of the dreamtime. The fact that this unspoken need somehow gains supremacy over the day-to-day insistences reveals the foundational truth that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It spills over, prompting a turning away from the machine - in conflict with the inner man – precipitating the crisis, the resolution of which, matters more than the next breath you take.

What appeals to me in the pictures is that they engage my imagination, causing me to wonder what’s being said, and inviting me to resolve it for myself. In line, form and color, the paintings are intended to invite you to enjoy your own search.

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